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Global Jinwang Filter Press Co., Ltd., committed for technology acquisition and new product research and development, is a professional manufacturer of filter presses and filter plates . From research and development and engineering to manufacture and after sales service, we are in all around concentration. And with professional and advanced production technology, sophisticated manufacture facilities and strict quality assurance, our filter presses are very reliable, of the same level as the whole industry. 

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12 -05

The filter press has reached a high level of treatment of various water qualities. The equipment can easily treat various wastewater.


12 -05

The filter press is placed on a flat concrete foundation. The filter mechanism of the sand washing filter consists of a filter plate, a filter frame, a filter cloth, and a pressing diaphragm.


12 -05

The sludge filter press is a device that applies mechanical force to the filtration side to filter solid and liquid from the sludge (water).


12 -05

The plate and frame filter press is an intermittent solid-liquid evacuation configuration. The filter chamber is composed of a filter plate filter frame.


The whole process of GLOBAL jinwang press filter machine is always the focus of the customers and the focus of the reply.Professional, accurate, high efficiency, cordial is the purpose of GLOBAL jinwang filter service customers;GLOBAL jinwang press filter provides you with the most personalized and considerate service, we insist on professional expertise to provide you with the best system solution.

Kinghsien Jin Wang filter press

Advanced manufacturing processes

In line with the attitude of responsible for the user, favorable matching supply filter cloth, filter membrane, filter plate, electric control cabinet, hydraulic station, etc., and with our technical advantage, the design and manufacture different equipment form a complete set of hydraulic system and conveying equipment products are widely used in coal, mining, power, oil exploration and refining, chemical industry, environmental protection, metallurgy, pigment, dyestuff, medicine, food and beverage industries, our product design science, advanced technology, high degree of automation, the indicators are in the leading domestic level, quality and reliable.

Kinghsien Jin Wang filter press co., LTD.
Kinghsien Jin Wang filter press co., LTD.
Kinghsien Jin Wang filter press

Independent research and development

My company mainly produces series products of filter press, filter press specifications from 800-2000 dozens of hundreds of specifications, the filter area from 2 to 1460 square meters, the filter pressure from 0.4 MPa to 1.6 MPa. The imported technology and equipment to develop new type of monolithic diaphragm filter plate.

Company product diversification strategy is from the macro around a core of industries (filtration separation machinery), developing the related products and industry, from the micro is around the leading product development of its downstream products and industries.

Kinghsien Jin Wang filter press

Standard management, advanced equipment

GLOBAL Jin Wang one knows, only good management, good idea, good talent is not enough, must have the sophisticated equipment to form a powerful productivity and core competence, and to ensure that product quality excellence, like.
Production workshop now has CNC punch press, CNC laser cutting machine, CNC milling machine, gantry milling machine, CNC welding machine, pressure molding machine and other kinds of sophisticated equipment more than 100 sets, formed a high level of modernization of domestic machining center and the filter plate processing center.

Kinghsien Jin Wang filter press co., LTD.

Jin Wang filter press

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