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Global Jinwang Filter Press Co., Ltd., committed for technology acquisition and new product research and development, is a professional manufacturer of filter presses and filter plates . From research and development and engineering to manufacture and after sales service, we are in all around concentration. And with professional and advanced production technology, sophisticated manufacture facilities and strict quality assurance, our filter presses are very reliable, of the same level as the whole industry. To meet different customers demand, we have never been stopping the innovations in production technology and quality and after sales service.


  Our filter presses range from 800mmx800mm to 2000mmx2000mm with filtration area from 2m2 to 1460m2 and pressure from 4 bar to 16 bar. With import of technology and equipment, we have developed the welded PP membrane plates. To better serve the customers, we also supply filter cloths,filter plates, control panels, hydraulic power pack and the like. We also make use of our technological advantages to design and manufacture hydraulic power packs and belt conveyors for different equipment. All above products are widely applied in industries like mining, power, petroleum exploitation, chemical, environmental protection, metallurgy, pigment and dyestuff, pharmacy, food and beverages and so on.

  Global Jinwang Filter Press is carrying out products diversification strategy. At the macro level, we concentrate on the core industry of solid-liquid separation equipment and develop relevant products and industries. At the micro level, around filter press, the leading product, we develop the products and industries in its upstream and downstream. Under the one center diversification strategy, we have developed eight series filter presses including manual type, hydraulic type, automatic single-chamber feeding type, high efficiency quick opening membrane filter press, fully automatic with bombay doors or drip tray and cloth washing type, trailer filter press type, automatic vibration plate shaking type, fully automatic filter press with remote control system and 5G Internet of Things intelligent control type. They are relatively independent as well as supplementary to each other. The product chain then extends a lot, more and more complete and highly improving the companys comprehensive capabilities.

   With company policy Be realistic with integrity, forge ahead, Global Jinwang Filter Press deepens enterprise reform and improve company management. With the management policy scientific management,advanced technology, elaborate production and attentive service, we are creating a global brand in the increasingly fierce competition. Global Jinwang would like to join hands with you for favorable development and sincere cooperation.


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