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Military project


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Military project

Military project

Description:The Leadsec nebula for many years has been deeply involved in the network security construction...
Description:The Leadsec nebula for many years has been deeply involved in the network security construction...

The solution

The Leadsec nebula for many years has been deeply involved in the network security construction of major military project groups, formed a set of suitable for different scenarios of the military project industry security program:

Military project SM network security scheme: according to the requirements of the state and the state administration of science, technology and industry for national defense for this kind of network construction, a comprehensive design to ensure the security of military project core network.

The industrial and commercial secret network security solution: according to the central enterprise business secret information system security technical guidelines "and 2.0 series standard, such as establish a military project enterprise commercial secret data object to protect the data security of the whole process of security solutions, surrounding the data production, storage, distribution, sharing, destruction of the overall design.

Industrial Internet security based on intelligent manufacturing: an industrial Internet security system of "vertical stratification, horizontal partition, boundary control and internal monitoring" is established by combing the industrial manufacturing links commonly existing in the military project industry and combining with the safety construction requirements of industrial control system set up by yeensure 2.0.

Security management and situational awareness solutions: vigorously developing the military project industry security management and situational awareness platform is to fully implement the requirements of China's comprehensive network security situational awareness, but also to implement the relevant legal provisions of the network security law. Through the gradual construction of the platform, regular situation monitoring and closed-loop disposal of military project industrial group's asset situation, vulnerability situation, operation situation, compliance situation, threat situation and risk situation can be realized.Achieve daily management support such as performance appraisal, equal-security work management, compliance inspection, notice and warning.

Other special security programs: security monitoring and detection program based on abnormal business flow behavior, network intrusion threat and analysis center construction program, military project experimental range security solutions, etc.


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