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The government

The government

Description:With the deepening of the government e-government construction, cloud computing...
Description:With the deepening of the government e-government construction, cloud computing...

The solution

With the deepening of the government e-government construction, cloud computing, big data technology is introduced into the electronic government affairs information construction, such as business systems, cloud gradually fall to the ground around the electronic government affairs, to boost business processing efficiency at the same time, should also strengthen the security of e-government business system, to improve its ability of network security protection, in response to the changing network security situation, at the same time, including network security, such as insurance policies and regulations such as 2.0 release, the safety of the key information infrastructure construction put forward new requirements, the corresponding government also should follow the rules in the construction business network rectification, meet compliance requirements.

■ Security protection solutions for government websites: provide security solutions for portal websites, and provide special protection against security threats such as page tampering, data theft and DDOS attacks faced by government portals.

■ Security construction solutions for e-government extranet: combining the related requirements of e-government extranet and the specification requirements of e-government extranet, security design for e-government extranet is carried out to ensure the safety and compliance of the overall network.

■ Smart city security solutions: to solve problems such as lack of security construction and insufficient security supervision in smart cities, provide corresponding overall solutions and build a safe network security system.

■ E-government cloud security solutions: to provide the corresponding security solutions for the e-government cloud data center, to solve the virtualization security and other problems, to meet the corresponding security needs.


Successful cases

■ Internal network security construction project of key bureau

■ Shanghai e-government cloud security access platform project

■ Guizhou province e-government extranet project

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