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XAGS30m²/800-UF Membrane with cloth washing system
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XAGS30m²/800-UF Membrane with cloth washing system

Product categories

Product categories


XAGS30m²/800-UF Membrane with cloth washing system

XAGS30m²/800-UF Membrane with cloth washing system

XAGS30m²/800-UF Membrane filter press with cloth washing system
Product description
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1.About Filter Press

Definition of filter press
After the filter press is compressed and maintained, under the action of pressure, the filter slurry is forced to pass through the filter medium, the solid particles are retained on the medium, and the liquid passes through the filter medium, so as to achieve the purpose of separating the liquid from the solid.                            Composition of filter press

The filter press is mainly composed of frame, hydraulic system, electric control system, filter plate and auxiliary system.types of filter press are classified as follows:
A. Classification of filtration methods: chamber pressure filter (chamber pressure filter) and belt pressure filter (diaphragm pressure filter), diaphragm pressure filter, plate and frame filter press;
B. Structure classification: cantilever filter press and belt filter press;
C. Classification of pressure methods: hydraulic compression, manual jack compression, and mechanical compression;
Science used: physical properties of solids and liquids.

2.Quick Details

Applicable Industry envirment & Mining After Warranty Service  Video technical support      
Condition New Showroom None      
Place of Orign Hebei Province, China Automatic Grade fully automatic      
Volage 380V Brand Name Global Jinwang      
Weight   Dimension        
Certification ISO9001 Warranty  1 Year      
Filter area   Insatallation technacal guidance      
Description Solid-liquid Sepaation Machine Color customized      
Machine Type Press filter Applicaton Minning      



Technical Specifications  Cylinder bore  Φ250
U-PP(Thickness65/ 60mm,Cloth thickness1mm/pc)
Filter area(m²) Filter plate Qty.(PC.) Cake thickness(mm) Chamber volumem³) Total weight Foundation size(L)(mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height(mm)
20 10/9 30 0.3 3374 2630 4045 1490 1110
30 15/14 0.45 3815 3290 4705
40 20/19 0.6 4258 3960 5375
50 25/24 0.75 4699 4620 6035
60 30/29 0.9 5141 5290 6705
Remarks ▲Feeding pressure≤1.2Mpa;Squeezing pressure≤1.5Mpa; The foundation size is the one without boom door.

4. main parameters

Filter Pressure Mpa 0.6
Rubber membrane squeezing Mpa 1.0 
Fitering temperature "-"10~90
Total chamber volume m ³ Φ
Filter area 40
Designed depth of chamber mm 30
Qty of filter/membrane plate pc. 19/20+2
Maximum hydaaulic protecting  Mpa 29
Maximum hydaaulic protecting pressure Mpa 25
Max stroke distance of pressing board mm 800
Dimameter of hydraulic cylinder mm 200
Drip tray motor  KW 0.55
Cloth washing system lift motor power KW 1.1
Host hydraulic station motor power KW 4
Belt convegor motor power kw 2.2
Total equipment+ KG 30306    

5.Features and advantages of this model

Frequency conversion motor pull plate: the motor uses SEW products, the operation is balanced and reliable, and the power consumption is low;
Automatic control system: The control adopts three major brands, Omron, Siemens and Schneider products, to achieve automatic control of the whole process;
The hydraulic system is well-balanced and reliable: the hydraulic components are made of high-quality products; the integrated blocks are processed by the machining center; the fuel tank is produced using advanced manufacturing technology
The main beam H-shaped box structure has good rigidity and resistance to side bending, which completely solves the problem of main beam bending
Diaphragm pressing, maximum 25KG, the moisture content of filter cake after pressing will be reduced to less than 20%;
The thickness of the filter cake is 45mm, which increases the capacity of the filter cellar and single unit.
Scope of application: suitable for solid-liquid separation processes in coal washing, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, dyes, medicine, food, sewage treatment and other industries.

6.Application introduction and pictures

Maintenance of filter press

The maintenance of the filter press is very important during the use. It is necessary to lubricate and maintain the matching parts and transmission parts, especially the position of the feedback signal of the automatic control system (electrolytic contact pressure gauge and stroke switch, etc.) and the accuracy of the hydraulic components of the hydraulic system Sex and reliability must be guaranteed in order to maintain normal work, for which the following points should be achieved:

1) At any time, carefully check whether the connection is firm and whether the parts are used well. If you find any abnormal conditions, you must notify the maintenance personnel in time for maintenance.

2) Check the bearings, piston rods and other parts regularly to keep the matching parts clean and have good lubrication performance to ensure flexible movement.

3) Conduct regular insulation and reliability tests on the electric control system, and find that the action accuracy and inflexibility caused by the electrical components should be repaired or replaced in time.

4) The maintenance of the hydraulic system is mainly to check and maintain the tightness of the hydraulic components and interfaces.

5) Always check the sealing surface of the filter plate to ensure that it is smooth and clean; before pressing, carefully check the filter cloth to ensure that it is not folded, damaged, or slag inclusion, make it flat and intact, to ensure filtration At the same time, the filter cloth must be washed frequently to ensure the filter performance of the filter cloth.

6) If it is not used for a long time, the filter plate should be cleaned and discharged neatly on the frame of the filter press, pressed with 1-5MP pressure, the filter cloth should be dried after cleaning, and the exposed part of the piston should be coated with butter.

7) Use HM46 or HM68 hydraulic oil, and it must be kept clean. The new machine must be replaced with hydraulic oil once a week after the first operation, and the used hydraulic oil in the oil tank and cylinder must be drained clean when the oil is changed. After one month of continuous use, the hydraulic oil must be replaced. It is recommended that it be replaced every three months in the future to ensure the normal use of the filter press.

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